SMARTER Team Training has been developed to focus on athlete and team development, performance, and education.

By incorporating the SMARTER Team Training programs into your year round athletic development program, you will decrease your injury potential, increase individual athleticism, and maximize your team training time.

Coach athletes or teams is a skill that requires experience, practice, knowledge of proper training principles, and enthusiasm.  We approach each workout with the same passion and energy as our first. What you can accomplish is not defined by what you can do on your own, but what we can achieve as a SMARTER team.

The seven phases of the STT program are Speed, Movement, Agility, Reaction, Technology, Education, and Resistance.  Within these components we have developed both one-on one training sessions and sport-appropriate programs which can be implemented into your practice and personal training sessions.

Incorporate SMARTER drills, exercises, educational programs, and team training techniques into your sessions to provide a unique opportunity to increase team and client camaraderie and cohesion.

If you are looking for up-to-date information about training and athlete development, you have found the place.  STT has launched this blog to help distribute information regarding all seven phases of the STT program.

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