TJ Lynch was a Long Island football champion and has an extensive background as a collegiate lacrosse player. He attended Herkimer community college and completed his degree at Adelphi university. While attending Adelphi, he won a Division II National Championship in lacrosse and earned a degree in health and physical education. Unfortunately, his college lacrosse career was cut short due to a knee injury. The injury actually lead him into getting serious about leg training and soon fell into a career in personal training. He was mentored by legendary bodybuilder triple crown winner Steve Michalik while observing him train every type of client he learned what real training is all about. TJ 's competitive drive lead him into the sport of natural bodybuilding where he met his wife Amy Llinas and nutritionist Joe Klemczewski of the diet doc. TJ and Amy have been training people for over a decade full time by teaching a  results driven training and implementing The Diet Doc of Long Island nutritional programming.
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