Tom Palumbo received his undergraduate and master’s degree from the University of Georgia in 1995 and 1999 respectively. He also graduated from the police academy in 2015. From June 1999 to February 2001 Palumbo was the Assistant Director of Strength and Conditioning at the University of Georgia. In 2001 Palumbo made the jump to professional baseball with the Williamsport Crosscutters, a minor league affiliate of the Pittsburgh Pirates. That year Williamsport won the division and league championship. Palumbo coached high school football and taught P.E. the following year. That year the team won more games than they had in a decade. In 2003 Palumbo joined the Strength and Conditioning staff at The Ohio State University as Associate Strength and Conditioning Coach. In 2012 Palumbo became the first Head Strength and Conditioning Coach at Flagler College. Palumbo considers himself blessed to have been associated with phenomenal athletes. Their accomplishments are too numerous to list in their entirety. Some of the highlights include sixteen Olympians brining in five gold, two silver, and five bronze medals. Palumbo is privileged to have worked with forty seven All Americans, one hundred seventeen All Conference, and three Athletes of the Year. Team accomplishments include one National Championship, one League Championship, and nine Conference Championships. Palumbo feels fortunate to have forged relationships with former athletes that continued training under him during their post college careers. Currently Palumbo is a Strength and Conditioning Specialist with the 7th Group Special Forces. He considers this the greatest honor of his career and is humbled to be associated with such dedicated men and women.
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