Jim Malone is a Strength and Conditioning Coach that brings a unique and diverse background of just over 25 years of experience. A proud member of the National Strength & Conditioning Association, credentialed as a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist, a Registered Strength & Conditioning Coach with distinction and a USA Weightlifting Club Coach. Jim has spent the last 18 years with MLB, including stints with the Indians, Royals, Padres, and most recently with the '13 and '14 NY Mets. Prior to his career in MLB, Jim spent seven years as a college football, wrestling and strength coach. Active in the advancement of the profession within MLB, he has served his peers the last six years as President of the Professional Baseball Strength and Conditioning Coaches Society (PBSCCS). Appointed by the Office of the Commissioner of MLB, Jim has also served on the MLB Strength and Conditioning Advisory Committee, MLB Medical Advisory Committee and MLB Electronic Medical Records Advisory Committee. Selected by MLB to serve as National League Strength and Conditioning Coach for the 2013 All-Star Game, and voted by his fellow coaches as the 2012 Nolan Ryan MLB Strength Coach of the Year. Jim has recently been appointed to the advisory committee for the athlete management software company “CoachMe+”, and member of the 2015 class admitted to the “Buffalo Weightlifting Hall of Fame”. His own competitive career has been resurrected, competing as a Master's Weightlifter, winning the gold medal for his class in the 2012 California State Games, the '12, '13 and '14 American Masters Championships and the silver in the '14 Masters Pan-Am Championships.
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